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Guide Tirane - Krujë - Durrës

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1. Day tour  Tirane – Kruje –Durres

 Visit  to TiraneTirana  is  the capital  of  Albania.
To be visit:  Clokck Tawer  , Et ´hem Beu Mosque  ,
Pyramid ,  Skenderbeg  square , Castle Perterels  ,
Clock Museum ,  Bridge Tabakeve .

2. Durres  History
Durrës  One of the oldest cities, the country’s main sea port, the second largest industrial center after Tirana. Durres lies on a small peninsula on the coast of Adriatic Sea. All through the history, Durres was the most important city which linked West Europe with East. Between the 1st and 3rd centuries it was an important port and trading center on the Via Egnatia trading route between Rome and Byzantium. After a great number of earthquakes , much of ancient Durres sank into the sea or collapsed and was subsequently built over. You can visit the remains of the amphitheatre which is one of the biggest and most exquisite monuments that has survived from the ancient city. Today the city is well known for the nearby beach resort of Durres, its wonderful sand and warm sea water.


Kruje History

The town of Kruja is located 32 km in the Northwest of Tirana. It rises 560 m above sea level on the slopes of Sari- Salltik mountain. It provides to visitors the great view of majestic landscape and a rich collection of historical and cultural objects. The most important is the castle of Kruja which was built during the 5th and 6th centuries. The surrounding walls are reinforced by nine towers which served as an observation and signaling post during the Ottoman attack. Despite the wars and the time there can still be found the remains of a few houses.